Die Storage @SandraDietrich for @Altenew

Make a cute die storage pocket with paper, die-cut pieces, acetate, a sewing machine and the Create A Wreath Die Set from Altenew.

Die Storage Pocket

Hello and welcome to the Altenew Scrapbook Blog today. It’s me, Sandra, and I want to share a pocket that I made to store dies from Altenew. To make the pocket you will need paper, two pieces of acetate, some smaller die-cut pieces and a sewing machine.

Die Storage Pocket @SandraDietrich for @Altenew

How to

First, glue two pieces of paper together with a tape runner to make a pocket. I decided to go for a blue pocket. Then, cut two pieces of acetate and die-cut smaller flowers, stars and the leaves from the Create A Wreath Die. Use your sewing machine to sew the leaves onto the first piece of acetate. Next, insert the small die-cut pieces between the acetate sheets. Now, sew the two pieces of acetate and a smaller piece of paper (I used the paper with the white stripes from the Our Family Scrapbook Collection) with your sewing machine to make a shaker element. In a final step, glue the shaker element onto the blue pocket. And you are done. You made a cute little pocket to store your dies from Altenew.

Die Storage with Paper and Acetate @SandraDietrich for @Altenew
I hope you like my do-it-yourself die storage inspiration. The pocket is a unique way to store your new Create A Wreath Die Set or any other smaller die set from Altenew.

Have a wonderful day, yours Sandra.

@SandraDietrich for @Altenew