Welcome to Stamp Focus: Framed

It’s stamp focus time with Sandra. Drumroll, please to the Framed Stamp Set. Because it’s going to be the star today. I’ll be sharing three different ways to use this stamp set.

Framed Stamp Set @Altenew shop

Frame it with Framed

I can’t wait to share three ideas with you:

  • frame the photo on a scrapbook page
  • stamp the background of a scrapbook page
  • create a simple pattern on the cover of a mini journal

Frame the photo

Let’s have a look at the first scrapbook page.

Layout with Framed Stamp Set @SandraDietrich for @Altenew

I used a frame from the Framed Stamp Set to frame the photo. In addition, I used other stamps. These are listed below alongside with some facts:

2017 Stamp Set @SandraDietrich for @Altenew

Rose Filament Die @SandraDietrich for @Altenew

 Stamp a background

Have you always wanted to stamp the background of a scrapbook page, but never really knew how? Framed might be an answer and also a great way to get started.


Stamp Focus Framed Scrapbook Page @SandraDietrich for @Altenew

Let’s look at some details:

  • The background paper is from the Reflection Scrapbook Collection.
  • The frames are from the Framed Stamp Set.
  • I used white stamp ink to stamp the background.
  • The frames are decorated with enamel dots, stickers, chipboard stickers and thickers.
  • I added handwritten journaling and black paint splatters.

Scrapbook Page with Framed Stamp Set @SandraDietrich for @Altenew

Frames Stamped on Scrapbook Page @SandraDietrich for @Altenew

 Stamp a pattern

My final project is a mini journal. I stamped a pattern on the cover with one of the stamps from Framed and Crisp Inks from the Sea Shore Oval Set.


Mini Journal 2017 @SandraDietrich for @Altenew

The 2017 Stamp Set and the Currently Stamp Set inspired me to make a mini journal. Here is how to do it:

  • Cut white cardstock (I used 4 x 12 inches), score and fold in the middle. Stack the pages.
  • Use a stapler to ‘bind’ the pages. Alternatively, you can sew the pages with a sewing machine.
  • Cut off access paper. The middle pages might be a bit longer after folding.
  • Stamp the cover.
  • Cover the inside pages with patterned paper from the Reflection Scrapbook Collection.
  • Stamp Currently Stamp Set onto the pages. Stamp the month (with the date stamp from the Reflection Scrapbook Collection) and add a photo of that particular month.

Mini Journal Stamp Focus @SandraDietrich for @Altenew Mini Journal Stamp Focus Detail @SandraDietrich for @Altenew Mini Journal Stamp Focus Page Spread @SandraDietrich for @Altenew

I’m hoping that you like my stamp focus inspiration.

Have a good day,
Xoxo Sandra

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